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Blinken: Rulers in Afghanistan Brutally Suppress Women’s Rights

Bayan News – In his recent remarks, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the Taliban in Afghanistan is brutally suppressing the rights of women and girls.

Blinken, who was speaking at the NATO “Women, Peace and Security” meeting in Washington on Tuesday (July 9), described the Taliban’s treatment of women and girls as ruthless.

He added, “We will continue to put global pressure on the Taliban to end these repressive policies that harm all Afghans.”

The US Secretary of State also stated, “We are training and empowering civil society groups and peace builders so that they can play a leading role in establishing peace, creating free societies, and negotiating an end to conflicts. Especially in countries like Afghanistan where those in power brutally suppress the rights of women and girls.”

Referring to the continued ban on girls’ education, this US official stated that women and girls are continuing to fight for their rights and to build a bright future for themselves and their country.

These remarks come as the Taliban has imposed severe social and political restrictions on women and girls since coming to power in Afghanistan.

Over the past three years, the Taliban has barred girls from education and imposed strict restrictions on women’s employment in government offices.

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