Deadly earthquake in Herat; the number of victims has risen to over two thousand

Bayan News – Officials from the government’s Ministry of Disasters say that following the deadly earthquake in Herat province in western Afghanistan, the death toll has reached 2,053, and nearly 10,000 others have been injured.

Janan Fayeq, a spokesperson for the ministry, added in a press conference in Kabul on Monday (October 8) that most of the victims of this event are from 13 villages in Zinda Jan district of Herat province.

He further provided statistics indicating that 1,320 residential houses have been completely destroyed.

On the other hand, the United Nations Deputy Office has announced that the United Nations Population Fund team is present at the scene to ensure the care of mothers and infants.

The organization also stated that they have distributed temporary shelters for the affected individuals.

After two days of the deadly 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Herat, the search and rescue operation to extract people from under the rubble is still ongoing.

It is possible that the number of casualties may increase further.

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