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The demand of protesting women: more pressure should be applied against the caretaker government of Kabul

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At the same time as the two-day meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council on Afghan women and girls, a group of protesting women wants to put more pressure on the caretaker government of Kabul.

This letter, which was sent to Bayan News on Sunday (June 18), states that the continuation of sanctions, travel ban and strict interaction can have an impact on the caretaker government of the Taliban.

The letter states: “The Taliban are involved in human affairs from the top to the bottom, and dividing them into moderate and extremist by some organizations and groups should not be a source of credit for the United Nations.”

According to this letter, the United Nations and the values based on it should not be violated in interaction with the caretaker government of Kabul, because the more the international community fails against the existing government of Kabul, the human condition will worsen.

In their letter, Afghan protesting women have criticized the invitation of Taliban members to a number of international meetings about Afghanistan and have expressed their opposition to any kind of discussion for interaction and recognition of this group.

Meanwhile, a two-day meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council will be held in Genoa, focusing on Afghan women and girls.

In this meeting, the special rapporteur of the United Nations and Afghan women’s rights activists will speak about the human rights situation in this country.

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