Nicolson: “Employment and Peace” hold greater importance for the European Union than a special representative

Bayan News – Thomas Nicolson, the European Union’s special representative for Afghanistan, stated in a meeting with Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, the political deputy of the Taliban government, that employment, security, and peace are of greater importance to the people of Afghanistan than a special representative for the European Union.

The Arg’s newsletter quoted the statements from the European Union’s special representative.

According to the Arg newsletter, Nicolson regarded the Doha meeting as significant for Afghanistan’s relations with the world and emphasized that the recent report by the UN special coordinator focuses on the progress of Afghanistan.

Mr. Nicolson further stated, based on the independent assessment report of Afghanistan, that it is necessary for the Islamic Emirate to have a representative in the United Nations to convey its voice to the world.

He mentioned that the international community will announce their assistance to Afghanistan in the areas of development and human support at the Doha meeting.

Meanwhile, the political deputy of the Taliban government reiterated their position regarding the appointment of a special representative for Afghanistan and emphasized that there is no need for such a representative in the presence of UNAMA.

The Taliban’s political deputy also highlighted that with their arrival in Afghanistan, national sovereignty has been restored, and issues such as war, corruption, drugs, and violence have been eliminated, which the people no longer desire.

The United Nations Security Council recently approved the appointment of a special representative for Afghanistan in a resolution, but this decision has faced strong opposition from the Taliban.

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