Ashraf Ghani: The United States and the United Nations were the main cause of corruption in Afghanistan

Bayan News – Ashraf Ghani, the former president of Afghanistan, considers the United States and the United Nations to be the main factors behind the spread of corruption in the country.

Ghani made these statements in the seventeenth episode of his conversations with Daoud Janbish, and added that the United States and the United Nations had prevented the digitization of Afghan government institutions.

He added that his cabinet did not have precise statistics on the security forces, the employees of the Ministry of Education, and the teachers until the last moment; on the other hand, Washington had allocated one billion dollars for the digitization of the security institutions’ system, but until the last moment the system was paper-based.

The former president said: “We never understood how many policemen there were in the Ministry of Interior.”

According to Ashraf Ghani, huge expenses were incurred in the security institutions of Afghanistan, but the money went into the pockets of the contractors of the Ministry of Defense and the United States International Aid Administration.

Ghani stated that the Americans had promised to determine the exact number of security forces, but this did not happen until 2021.

The former president of Afghanistan confirmed in these conversations that there were fictitious teachers within the Ministry of Education; the number of employees and schools of the Ministry of Education differed from those who received salaries.

He also stated that the United Nations and the United States also hindered the digitization of elections.

Ghani added that in 2002, the proposal for the digitization of elections was presented to the United Nations, but this organization refrained from doing so and conducted the elections in a traditional manner for several years.

These criticisms come just a few days after the Doha meeting, which was hosted by the United Nations and disappointed the people of Afghanistan.

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