Mujahid: The formation of an inclusive government is our internal issue, the world should not interfere

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Maulavi Mohammad Yaqub Mujahid, the Minister of Defense of the caretaker government of Kabul, says that the demands of the international community, which are against Islamic laws and Sharia, will never be accepted.

Mujahid made these statements on Wednesday (June 14) in a special interview with TOLOnews and said that some of the world’s demands are against Islamic Sharia.

According to Mujahid, the formation of inclusive government, educational issues and freedom of speech are internal issues of Afghanistan and the world should not interfere in these matters.

He added: “We do not allow foreigners to interfere in domestic issues. What is the nature of government? In any form, who is in the government and who is not, how should the education system be, and in the same way, how should freedom of speech be treated. From the past, our policy has been such that Afghans should make their own decisions in this regard.

Referring to the relations between Kabul and the United States, Mujahid noted that the United States is on the path of enmity with the caretaker government of Afghanistan. “We ask the United States that Afghanistan is an independent and free country. He should have his freedom in the cultural, political and economic sectors. They should not try to keep it under their control or adapt their goals to it.

These statements are made while the way of governance of the Islamic Emirate is not accepted by the international community. The international community wants to form an inclusive government, remove educational restrictions against women and girls.

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