Taliban Foreign Minister: Regional Countries’ Relations with Afghanistan are Developing

Bayan News – Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi, the acting Foreign Minister of the Taliban, stated during a meeting with Obaidullah Nizamani, the acting head of the Pakistan Embassy in Kabul, that the positive interaction of regional countries with Afghanistan is on the rise.

Mr. Muttaqi added that the region has realized that the stability of Afghanistan can play a positive role in the advancement of initiatives and the overall progress of the region.

On the other hand, Mr. Nizamani in this meeting considered the relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan valuable and added that the new government is striving to work jointly towards expanding relations and addressing existing issues.

Furthermore, in this meeting, both sides emphasized the facilitation of travel for passengers, patients, and commercial goods across the Durand Line.

This meeting takes place amidst tensions between Kabul and Islamabad, with a new government led by Shahbaz Sharif emerging in Pakistan.

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