Taliban Cabinet Minister: We ourselves are thirsty, but water is flowing to neighboring countries

Bayan News – Ataullah Omari, the Taliban’s Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, recently added that the people of Afghanistan are facing water shortages, but water is flowing to neighboring countries.

This ministry reported on Sunday (June 23) in a newsletter about the Taliban’s Agriculture Minister’s visit to Faryab province in northern Afghanistan and said that he made these statements during a meeting with local officials in this province.

The Taliban’s Agriculture Minister added: “Afghanistan’s water is going to Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan, but we ourselves are thirsty.”

This Taliban official further expressed that no water comes to Afghanistan from any country, but the water of this country flows to the four corners of this country.

Stating that no action has been taken in the management of Afghanistan’s water, he emphasized that despite this, water is given to the neighbors.

Over the past two years, after attracting investment in Afghanistan’s mines, the Taliban has also focused the most on the management of Afghanistan’s waters.

Some of the dam projects that were inaugurated under the previous government have been completed and put into operation by the Taliban, which has caused dissatisfaction in countries like Uzbekistan and Iran.

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