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Doha3; Afghan women protesters accuse the UN of siding with the Taliban

Bayan News – A group of protesting Afghan women issued a joint statement harshly criticizing UNAMA’s (United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan) actions towards Afghanistan, saying that the United Nations is supporting the Taliban.

The joint statement of the protesting women was released yesterday (June 22) and stated that Roza Otunbayeva, the UNAMA chief in Kabul, at the order of the US, invited the Taliban to the Doha meeting and ignored the situation of the Afghan people, especially women.

The statement said: “Ms. Otunbayeva shamelessly and against all existing international and legal rules said that the culture of Afghanistan is that women have a secondary position and will not attend the third meeting, and whitewashed the Taliban.”

UNAMA chief’s support for the absence of women at the Doha meeting

The Deputy UN Representative in Kabul (UNAMA) recently gave a briefing at the UN Security Council meeting on Afghanistan held on Friday (July 1) and held a press conference at the end of the meeting.

Otunbayeva told reporters that in the absence of Afghan women, their demands will be raised by the 22 country-specific representatives for Afghanistan at the third round of the Doha conference with the Taliban.

The UNAMA chief stressed that no country has imposed any issue on this organization regarding the third Doha meeting.

The third Doha meeting will be hosted by the United Nations on June 30 with the participation of country-specific representatives for Afghanistan.

Women representatives, civil activists and political opponents of the Taliban are not present at this meeting.

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