Zarif: Iran Prevented the Restoration of the Monarchy System in Afghanistan at the Bonn Conference

Bayan News – Javad Zarif, the former Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic, says that Iran, alongside the United States, prevented the return of the monarchical system in Afghanistan at the Bonn conference.

In a video recording that is now circulating, he stated that Iran and the United States agreed on the leadership of Hamid Karzai and the prevention of a monarchical system in Afghanistan.

Zarif added in this video recording: “Should we have said there that since the United States wants the monarchical system not to be in Afghanistan, or is willing for it not to be, we should stop it?”

This former Iranian official expressed that the Europeans were supportive of the revival of the monarchical system and the premiership of Satar Sirat.

He also, referring to his eight-year tenure in the Iranian diplomatic apparatus, said: “Let us not forget that our American friends wanted to establish a good Taliban government in Afghanistan, or the Europeans wanted the return of the monarchical system to Afghanistan. It was the Islamic Republic that was able to prevent these wrong methods.”

This video recording is circulating on social media after the recent comments made by Pahlavi Prince, a political critic of the Islamic Republic in Iran, at a meeting in the United States, where he stated that Washington made the biggest political mistake by preventing the return of the monarchical system in Afghanistan.

His statements have elicited reactions from social media users.

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