The situation in Afghanistan was discussed at the European Union’s Foreign Affairs Committee

Bayan News – On the eve of the third Doha meeting, the Afghan media have reported that the European Union’s Foreign Affairs Committee has held a meeting on Afghanistan.

This committee said on Tuesday (June 11) that the meeting was held with the aim of discussing engagement with the people of Afghanistan.

The brief statement of this committee stated that the participants in this meeting also discussed the most effective ways to meet the basic needs and provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan.

According to the statement of this committee: “The people of Afghanistan cannot be left behind.”

According to the published images, Thomas Nicholson, the European Union’s representative for Afghanistan, is present.

The third round of the Doha meeting, with the participation of the special representatives of the countries for Afghanistan and hosted by the United Nations, will be held on June 30 of the current month.

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