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The Taliban in Sar-e Pol Publicly Whipped Dozens of Men and Women

Bayan News – It has been reported from Sar-e Pol province in northern Afghanistan that the Taliban publicly whipped dozens of accused individuals in the province’s stadium.

Eyewitnesses said on Tuesday (June 4th) that the number of accused reached 52 and included women as well.

The Taliban provincial governor’s press office had also asked the people to attend the public punishment of the accused in this stadium the previous day.

In the press office’s statement, it was mentioned that the Taliban court in Sar-e Pol punished 52 people for various accusations.

However, the Taliban’s Supreme Court has not provided clarity on this matter.

No images have been published of the public punishment of the accused in Sar-e Pol province.

Concurrently, the Taliban’s Supreme Court announced today that it publicly punished one person accused of sodomy in Parwan province.

It is noteworthy that despite international protests and human rights organizations, the Taliban continues the process of publicly punishing the accused. rights organizations consider these Taliban actions to be contrary to human rights values and human dignity.

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