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Continuation of Reactions and Statements Regarding the Detention of Women and Girls by the Taliban

Bayan News – Simultaneously with the release of reports on the detention of girls by the Taliban on charges of improper veiling, some Shia scholars in Balkh and Daykundi provinces consider such reports in these provinces to be far from the truth.

Meanwhile, United Nations experts are urging the Taliban to halt the detention of girls.

In recent weeks, the continued detention of girls on charges related to the observance of hijab has caused a significant uproar among social media users.

Some users have voiced support for the Taliban’s actions, while others have deemed it a violation of women’s rights.

In response to these reactions, a group of religious scholars in Daykundi province declared during a public gathering on Friday, February 2nd, that reports of the detention of girls in the province on charges of improper veiling are unfounded.

These religious scholars emphasized that the people of Daykundi have close relations with the Taliban government and insisted that it is the duty of officials to keep all people away from moral corruption.

Similarly, some other Shia scholars in Balkh province expressed their support for the enforcement of hijab in the province and dismissed claims of mistreatment of Shia individuals as baseless and propaganda.

According to them, those who create discord among relatives for the sake of personal interests have no place in the country.


Statement by UN Experts on the Detention of Girls

On the other hand, a group of United Nations experts expressed concern over the detention of women and girls by the Taliban in a report and called for an end to this practice.

In their statement, the experts highlighted serious problems faced by women and girls in detention centers, where they receive only one meal a day in some cases and are subjected to violence and threats in others.

The experts stated, “Entrusting the responsibility of women’s clothing to men violates women’s agency, perpetuates discrimination, and reinforces the control of women and girls by men, diminishing their position in society.”

Nevertheless, numerous video clips have been circulated on social media showing that some girls are being detained by the Taliban’s morality police due to non-compliance with hijab rules.

Taliban officials have confirmed the detention of girls on charges of improper veiling and stated that this action has been taken to prevent the promotion of improper veiling.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesperson, had previously stated to Afghan media that a group of girls had been assigned by external circles to promote improper veiling.

Mujahid added that no girl has been imprisoned for the charge of improper veiling. Instead, their presence in detention centers was recommended due to the observance of the desired hijab in the presence of their family members.

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