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Taliban: We do not recognize Afghan female athletes at the Paris Olympics

Bayan News – In response to the participation of Afghan female athletes in the Paris Olympic competitions, the Taliban have said that they do not recognize them and they do not represent Afghanistan.

Atal Mashwani, the spokesman for the Taliban’s Physical Education Directorate, said in an interview with Agence France-Presse on Monday (July 8) that women’s sports are currently suspended and they cannot participate in competitions representing Afghanistan.

This Taliban official further stated that they only recognize the three male representatives who will participate in the Paris Olympics.

However, the International Olympic Committee has announced the formation of a six-member Afghan sports team to participate in the Paris Olympics, which includes three female athletes.

The committee had stated that none of the Taliban officials would be allowed to participate in these competitions due to the restrictions imposed on women and girls.

Human rights activists have described the Doha meeting as “pouring salt on the wounds of the Afghan people”

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