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Human rights activists have described the Doha meeting as “pouring salt on the wounds of the Afghan people”

Bayan News – Three days after the conclusion of the third Doha meeting, a group of human rights activists have described this meeting as “pouring salt on the wounds of the Afghan people.”

The human rights activists said in a statement on Wednesday (July 3) that the United Nations deeply disappointed the people of Afghanistan by excluding women from the Doha meeting.

According to them, the exclusion of women, civil society activists and human rights defenders from the agenda of the third Doha meeting strengthened the position and status of the Taliban and encouraged this group to continue the systematic violation of human rights and the implementation of gender apartheid without accountability. rights activists also stated in this statement that the exclusion of women from the Doha meeting demonstrates the organizers’ disregard for human rights and women’s rights.

However, the third Doha meeting, which ended on July 1, was held for two days in the absence of women representatives, human rights activists and civil society.

The United Nations’ action to exclude women from this meeting has led to widespread international reactions, and the organization has been accused of being in collusion with the Taliban.

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