Russian Representative in the Security Council: Patient Dialogue with the Taliban is Needed to Break the Stalemate in Afghanistan

Bayan News – Anna Austin Niva, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations Security Council, has stated that Afghanistan will only break free from the stalemate when there are consistent and patient dialogues with Taliban officials.

She made these remarks on Friday, December 29th, during a session of the United Nations Security Council. The representatives of Russia and China abstained from voting on the draft resolution of the Security Council.

She criticized Western countries, stating that some Western contributors should refrain from making unusual statements and refrain from manipulating humanitarian aid.

According to the Russian representative in the Security Council, this resolution addresses the fight against terrorist threats, drug trafficking, humanitarian aid, human rights, and the importance of establishing a framework and roadmap. However, the recommendations should be discussed comprehensively, including in consultation with the Taliban.

She added, “A vigilant assessment of the situation in Afghanistan, taking into account the Taliban’s response, is important.”

The Security Council resolution calls on the Secretary-General of the United Nations to appoint a special representative for human rights and gender equality in consultation with the members of the council, Taliban officials, women, civil society activists, and representatives of regional countries.

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