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Renowned religious scholar: Neglecting the education of girls is not worthy of an Islamic country

Bayan News – Sayed Haidar Hashemi, the Friday Imam of Mazar-i-Sharif in northern Afghanistan, criticized the continuation of prohibitions on girls’ education and urged the Taliban to address and manage this issue.

In a video clip circulating on social media, he stated that currently, more than eight hundred thousand female students are deprived of education; however, non-Islamic countries suggest to the Taliban that girls should attend school to be officially recognized, which is not worthy of an Islamic country.

This prominent religious scholar continues to emphasize that the school and university environment should be free from moral impurities and insecurities and that the principle of education should be provided for girls.

Mr. Hashemi added: “I hope, and because I see it as my duty, I sincerely suggest to the authorities of these issues (Taliban government) that every moment we decide, we show determination and resolution, we are one step closer. Let’s solve and manage these issues.”

He once again reminded that the prohibition of educating women and girls, who are the mothers of tomorrow and the arms of these people, is not worthy of an Islamic country for them to be subjected to such neglect.

It should be noted that the new academic year is approaching while close to one million girls still cannot go to school.

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