Waziristani Migrants Targeted in an Explosion in Khost Province

Bayan News – The press office of the Khost Province Security Command has confirmed that earlier today, on Monday (August 14th), a group of Waziristani migrants was targeted in an explosion in the center of the province.

The security command of the province stated in a press release that around 11:00 AM this morning, an explosion occurred at a hotel in the city of Khost, resulting in injuries to several Waziristani migrants and residents of the province.

According to this security institution, three people have lost their lives, and seven others have been injured in this incident.

The nature of the explosion has not been determined yet.

On the other hand, Afghan media outlets have published various reports about this incident, citing different sources.

Afghanistan International Television, quoting a Pakistani official, reported that members of the Pakistani Taliban were killed in this incident, but the attack was not carried out by Islamabad.

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