Russian Defense Minister: Security threats against regional countries originate from Afghanistan

Bayan News – Sergei Shoigu, the Defense Minister of Russia, stated in his recent speech that the main source of threats against member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) stems from Afghanistan.

He made these remarks on Friday (April 26) during the meeting of defense ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan.

The Russian Defense Minister strongly criticized the United States’ efforts to regain power in Central and South Asia after its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Shoigu further stated that terrorist groups take refuge in Afghanistan due to the country’s unstable political situation.

According to the Russian Defense Minister, the deployment of US military infrastructure in the region is considered a direct threat to the stability of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and these objectives must be classified as a direct threat to the organization’s stability.

The Russian Defense Minister highlighted that Washington is imposing a new security system in the Asia-Pacific region to preserve its own interests.

Sergei Shoigu urged the participants in the meeting of defense ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to protect the stability of the organization against external “destructive influences.”

He specifically mentioned the efforts of “color revolutions” and called for establishing a system where the security of all Eurasian countries is equally guaranteed.

It should be noted that simultaneous attacks by ISIS in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, and on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia, have raised regional and international concerns about the strengthening of ISIS.

This is not the first time that senior Russian officials have expressed concern about security threats emanating from Afghanistan.

However, two days ago, the Russian special envoy for Afghanistan arrived in Kabul and held meetings and discussions with senior Taliban officials.

Furthermore, the Taliban denies the presence of armed groups, especially ISIS, in Afghanistan.

Mawlawi Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid, the Taliban’s Defense Minister, stated that ISIS has no physical presence in Afghanistan.

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