Indian police arrested four people who were planning to join ISIS in Afghanistan

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Indian media have reported that the country’s police have arrested four people, including a woman, who were planning to join ISIS in Afghanistan.

“The Hindu” newspaper added that these people were arrested today, Sunday (June 11) from the Indian state of Gujarat.

In the report of this media, it is stated that these people planned to cross the international maritime border using a fishing boat and enter Afghanistan through Iran.

The arrested persons are said to be Kashmiris.

Meanwhile, D Dhondu newspaper added in its report that another man who is accused of being associated with ISIS, has escaped and the Indian police are trying to arrest him.

Indian police officials have announced that these people wanted to join ISIS and fight in Afghanistan.

This is despite the fact that recently, the presence of the ISIS group in Afghanistan has caused concerns.

This group has recently taken responsibility for two deadly terrorist attacks in Badakhshan province.

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