Two women and eight men publicly punished in Wardak Square

Bayan News – The Taliban Supreme Court has announced that two women and eight men in Wardak province were publicly punished on Thursday (March 6) on charges of illegitimate relationships and immorality. According to the Taliban High Court newsletter, these individuals were sentenced by the district court of Chek and one other person by the city court of Wardak were condemned, and their public punishment was also confirmed in Kabul.

According to the Taliban High Court, these individuals were accused of homosexuality, adultery, and immorality.

However, after the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan, public punishments of the accused have been carried out in some provinces of Afghanistan.

Not long ago, three people in Ghazni province and one person in Jowzjan province were publicly executed in the presence of the people.

Although these actions by the Taliban have sparked international reactions, Taliban officials have defended the public punishment of the accused, stating that in carrying out public punishment, all principles of Sharia law have been considered.

However, recently the United Nations Secretary-General in his quarterly report once again called on the Taliban interim government to immediately halt public punishment of the accused.

The UN Secretary-General stated that Afghanistan is a party to the UN Convention against Torture and must abide by its commitments.

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