Kim extended a hand of friendship to Putin

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North Korean state media have reported that Kim Jong Un, the leader of this country, extended a hand of friendship to Putin, the president of Russia, in order to expand strategic cooperation.

According to “KCNE” media, the leader of North Korea has pledged to shake hands with Putin and strengthen strategic cooperation in order to achieve the common goal and build a powerful country.

According to this report, in his message on the occasion of the Russian National Day, Kim supported Moscow’s attack on Kiev and expressed his full solidarity with Putin.

In his message to Putin, Kim added: “Justice will definitely win and the Russian people will continue the historic glory of victory.”

The leader of North Korea stated that the strategic cooperation between the two countries will become closer and said, “We are giving a strong hand of friendship to the President of Russia, in accordance with the common desire of the people of the two countries to realize the great goal of building a powerful country.”

However, North Korea has expressed solidarity with Moscow since last year, at the same time as the beginning of Russian attacks against Ukraine

North Korea is extending a hand of friendship to Moscow as offensive attacks by Kiev forces against Russian forces in southern and southeastern Ukraine have intensified and captured villages.

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