Hanafi: International aid is not enough

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Abdulsalam Hanafi, the deputy directorate of the administration of the caretaker government of Kabul, on Monday evening (June 12) had a meeting with Carl Skau, the deputy director of the World Food Organization (WFP) in Kabul.

Hanafi added that the Islamic Emirate’s rule ensures national security in Afghanistan, and there is no war or insecurity at any point, and in addition, general amnesty, the cultivation, use and consumption of drugs are prohibited in this country.

According to Hanafi, despite the achievements of the government aid of the head of Kabul, the international amount is not enough for the people of Afghanistan and should be increased more.

Regarding the international sanctions against his government, the deputy prime minister of Kabul pointed out that these sanctions are not resolved and even have a negative effect on humanitarian activities, and therefore, the international community should initiate and initiate a dialogue with the government of Kabul.

It is also clear that it has suffered due to past wars and disturbances and recent droughts, and the international community should not ignore it, and at the same time, it should be supported in the implementation of development projects to cause problems and prevent migration. .

Meanwhile, the vice president of the World Food Organization has praised the achievements of the caretaker government of Kabul and said that the past danger of administrative corruption has been removed, and national security will be provided throughout the country.

Emphasizing that Afghanistan has been damaged by wars and climate change, this official of the World Food Organization will seek to attract more humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan.

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