Russian Defense Minister: Afghanistan is a source of instability in Central Asia

Bayan News – Andrei Beloussov, the Russian Defense Minister, says that multiple radical groups have entrenched themselves in the territory of Afghanistan and intensified the propagation of their ideas in the neighboring republics.

He made these statements on Friday (May 31) at a meeting in Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan, and bluntly stated that Afghanistan has become a source of instability in Central Asia.

This senior Russian security official also stressed that the likelihood of the spread of terrorism outside of Afghanistan is increasing.

The Russian Defense Minister added that this requires constant monitoring and timely measures to stabilize the situation in the region, especially strengthening the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border.

These statements come as Russian President Vladimir Putin recently said in a press conference in Uzbekistan that he is working to strengthen relations with the Taliban.

Putin also stated that the Taliban are the real power and the current rulers of Afghanistan.

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