Anyone who disobeys the general amnesty will be punished

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Sirajuddin Haqqani, Acting Minister of Interior of the caretaker government of Kabul, says that whoever disobeys the general amnesty order will be punished.

He made these statements on Tuesday (June 14) during his trip to Samangan province.

Mr. Haqqani recently visited several northern provinces of Afghanistan and met and talked with local Taliban officials.

In his remarks, the Acting Minister of Interior noted that the current government is working hard for the people.

Referring to the sanctions imposed against the current government, Haqqani added that the world had recognized the previous government and provided financial aid, but sanctions have been imposed on the Islamic Emirate, and even the assets of the Afghan people have been frozen. “But God has blessed us from this.” He passes the exam with flying colors.”

Referring to the positions of the political opponents, the Acting Minister of Interior said: “We are not mocking anyone, but anyone who brought foreigners here and plundered our national interests, how can he claim and inherit this land.”

Sirajuddin Haqqani has recently emphasized on strengthening national unity in his provincial trips in northern Afghanistan. During his trip to Jawzjan, he said that the Islamic Emirate has saved Afghanistan from being divided into small islands.

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