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Journalists: We do not recognize the so-called organizations that support the media

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The members of the Afghan Journalists’ Litigation Movement say that the organizations that support the media have been trying to receive money from international organizations by misusing the names of journalists and media workers for the past two years.

These journalists held a press conference in Kabul on Friday (June 16) and expressed concern about the challenges faced by journalists and issues related to the media.

Seyyed Mehdi Hosseini, a member of the Afghan Journalists’ Litigation Movement, said: “The so-called organizations that support the media, whose number is known in Kabul, just as they used to abuse the names of journalists in the Republic, these organizations also continued to use the aid of international organizations during the Emirate period. It was done for journalists, they got access to exorbitant amounts of money.”

According to him, these institutions not only did nothing for the journalists, but also prevented the aid of international organizations from reaching the vulnerable media community and journalists, and they obtained aid money in the absence of the journalists, which is a pity.

The findings of the lawsuit filed by Afghan journalists show that the Journalists’ Immunity Committee and the Free Journalists Union of Afghanistan prevented aid from international organizations from reaching injured journalists in the suicide incident of Barmezkar Tabian in Mazar-e-Sharif, and about 17 journalists were injured in this incident.

Hosseini also pointed out in his statement that the Committee for the Immunity of Journalists had promised to cooperate with the injured journalists and after four months, they have not provided any financial cooperation, while it has issued a false declaration in support of the journalists.

He added: “We ask the government, especially the Ministry of Information and Culture, not to be indifferent. prevent the abuse of these institutions and at the same time examine the financial resources of these institutions.”

This reporter asked the international organizations not to trust the organizations that support the media, because these organizations are not trusted by the journalists, and in case of financial cooperation, they should connect directly with the journalists themselves.

On the other hand, Homayoun Amiri, another member of the litigation movement, said: The Afghan Journalists’ Litigation Movement wants to follow up on the corruption cases of organizations that support journalists.

He added: We ask the Ministry of Information and Culture of the caretaker government to follow up these files and make their results public, and if financial corruption of these institutions is proven, the movement of Afghan journalists to sue will support blocking the gates of these institutions and prosecuting the perpetrators.

Ruhollah Yaqoubi, another member of this movement, said: Considering the developments of the last two years, the unemployment rate of journalists is rising due to the problems that caused the media to be blocked, and it is increasing every day.

He said: “We want to facilitate the process of distributing the money of the National Fund for the Support of Journalists and ask the caretaker government to distribute the money in the fund to journalists through a transparent process.”

Sakine Adib, another member of this movement, spoke about the problems of female journalists and said that with the developments of the last two years, women journalists are struggling with serious problems.

According to Mrs. Adib, the progress and development of a country is impossible without the media and women journalists, and requires that a safe and open space be provided for the development of women’s activities side by side with men.

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