Batur Dostum expressed concern about how the Pakistani Taliban are moving in northern Afghanistan

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Batur Dostum, the head of the Central Council of the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, who is in Turkey, expressed his concern in the meeting with the United Nations Independent Inspector for Afghanistan regarding the transfer of the Pakistani Taliban.

Sources close to Bator Dostum have said that he met with Fereydoun Cinirelli Oghli, the special coordinator and independent inspector of the United Nations for Afghanistan, yesterday (June 17).

Batur Dostum added that the movement of members of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban in the north and northeast is causing people’s concerns, and at the same time, this action has also discouraged the countries of the region from interacting with the caretaker government of Kabul.

According to the sources, Bator Dostum has also asked the United Nations to put serious pressure on the caretaker government of Kabul so that the peaceful vision of the Supreme Council of Resistance to Save Afghanistan, which is included in its plan, will be implemented.

However, the United Nations Special Coordinator and Independent Inspector for Afghanistan emphasized that he is collecting reports on the current situation in Kabul.

But he did not clearly explain what reports he is collecting.

These concerns are raised while the caretaker government of Kabul has also confirmed that it will transfer the refugees of North Waziristan to the northern provinces of Afghanistan, and this will be beneficial to the national interests of Afghanistan.

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