Rah Farda TV reporter was arrested from Kabul-Herat route

Bayan news

A source confirms to Bayan News that the forces of the Islamic Emirate have arrested Reza Shahir, a reporter of Rah Farda TV channel, from Kabul-Herat.

Shaheer Asr was arrested this Saturday night (June 17) from Shahjoy area of Zabul province.

According to the source, this journalist was arrested when he was traveling from Herat province to Kabul, and the forces of the Islamic Emirate, after interrogation, took him from the car to an unknown area.

This source also told Bayan News that Shahir’s family is unaware of his fate.

The security officials of the caretaker government of Kabul have not yet said anything about his arrest.

This is the second time that he has been arrested by the forces of the Islamic Emirate; Last year, the intelligence forces arrested him from Kabul.

Reza Shaheer was a reporter for Rah Farda TV channel for several years, and this channel is owned by Mohammad Mohhaqq, one of the political opponents of the caretaker government in Kabul and a member of the National Resistance Council to save Afghanistan.

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