Muttaqi to Pakistani Delegation: Let’s Have No Doubts in Good Intentions

Bayan News – Amid escalating tensions between Kabul and Islamabad, Amir Khan Muttaqi, the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, held talks today, Thursday (August 23), with a Pakistani delegation regarding addressing challenges and strengthening bilateral relations.

Hafiz Zia Ahmad, the deputy spokesperson of the ministry, stated in a social media announcement on X network that a Pakistani delegation led by Sohail Mahmood, the head of the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad, visited Kabul and met with Mr. Muttaqi.

Initially, Muttaqi emphasized that Kabul and Islamabad are friendly and brotherly countries with many commonalities, and their relations are based on good neighborliness and understanding.

The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan added that instead of engaging in verbal disputes and media statements, efforts should be made to address the factors causing these problems, which harm the bilateral relations.

Mr. Muttaqi further stated that peace and stability in Afghanistan are the great ideals of the Islamic Emirate, which have been ensured in the country today, and likewise, ensuring peace and stability in the region is the current government’s goal in Kabul.

He stated, “Among our many achievements in the past two years, we have made significant progress in trade relations with Pakistan, and Afghanistan’s geographical position has created numerous opportunities for both countries, which should be utilized.”

He emphasized that the Islamic Emirate is committed and assures that Afghanistan’s soil will not be used against anyone, stressing that the two countries should have no doubts in each other’s intentions and should prevent any challenging issues.

On the other side, the head of the Pakistani delegation mentioned the progress made by the Islamic Emirate in the past two years and described it as hopeful.

Mahmood, referring to security incidents in Pakistan, added that the existing problems should be resolved through understanding.

The delegation is traveling to Kabul at a time when the level of Taliban attacks in various parts of Pakistan has increased, and authorities in Islamabad have accused the interim Kabul government of supporting the TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan).

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