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Emphasis on Education for Girls in Afghanistan by Indonesian Foreign Minister

Bayan News – Following the ongoing educational restrictions in Afghanistan, the Indonesian Foreign Minister recently urged the caretaker government in Kabul to allow girls to receive education. He made these remarks at a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation held under the theme “Women in Islam” in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Retno Marsudi, the Indonesian Foreign Minister, emphasized the need for continued global engagement with the caretaker government in Kabul and added that the economic, cultural, and political barriers that have affected Afghan women and girls should be removed.

The Indonesian Foreign Minister expressed optimism that continued international engagement with the caretaker government in Kabul would be beneficial for women and girls in the country.

It has been nearly three years since girls have been banned from schools and universities. During this time, although officials of the caretaker government in Kabul have consistently emphasized that the Islamic Emirate supports the education of both women and men, it is unclear when the process of educating girls will resume.

The prohibition on girls’ education has had a profound impact on many families, forcing them to migrate in order to educate their daughters.

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