Currently, India does not send an ambassador to Afghanistan

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In his latest statement, Indian Foreign Minister Jay Shankar has stated that this country is not sending an ambassador to Afghanistan at the moment.

He made these statements on Wednesday (June 28) at the India International Center and stated that New Delhi is closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan.

The Indian Foreign Minister stated that it is too early to judge the recent developments in Afghanistan and said, “Currently, we have what we had in Afghanistan. “We have decided to keep our embassy, but it is still not at the level of an ambassador.”

According to Shankar, after the Islamic Emirate came to power in Afghanistan, some countries have sent their ambassadors to this country again, but India will focus on providing humanitarian aid because of the positive impact on the lives of the Afghan people.

Currently, the technical employees of the Indian Embassy in Kabul work indirectly.

However, after the domination of the Islamic Emirate over Afghanistan, India has stopped its embassy and consulates in the provinces of Afghanistan and has not yet officially activated them.

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