Karzai to Qomi: Afghanistan’s security situation is favorable for investment

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Hamid Karzai, the former president of Afghanistan, in a meeting with the Iranian ambassador in Kabul, says that security conditions have improved for domestic and foreign investors.

Karzai tweeted on Tuesday evening (June 20) that in this meeting, in addition to discussing the current situation in Afghanistan and the region, the strengthening of relations between the two countries and the expansion of cooperation in all fields were discussed and its necessity emphasized.

The former president of Afghanistan has also pointed to the favorable security conditions, considered the field of commercial and economic activity by domestic and foreign investors to be available and called for its increase.

He expressed hope that the expansion of commercial and economic cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan will reduce the unemployment of the Afghan people.

However, after the domination of the Islamic Emirate over Afghanistan, the amount of trade between the two countries has reached several billion dollars.

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