Collective Security Treaty Organization demanded to respect the basic freedoms of ethnic groups in Afghanistan

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Ministers outside the Collective Security Treaty Organization in government affairs state that they maintain the basic rights and freedoms of ethnic groups in Afghanistan.

This statement was published on Tuesday (June 20) in Mensk and it states that most of the rights and freedoms of the powerful groups should be prevented from the persecution and forced displacement of the population based on race and religion from their permanent residence.

In this women’s statement, it is explained that the head of Kabul should fulfill his rights to respect human and girls’ rights.

Concerns about the presence of Daesh in Afghanistan are part of this statement in which concerns are expressed.

According to the statement of the Foreign Ministers of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the head of Kabul will strengthen anti-terrorism and prevent Afghanistan from becoming a center of international terrorism.

In their statement, they have commented on the increase in drug use in Afghanistan and the risk of its spread to the neighbors, and they have threatened the activities of the Taliban to eradicate drugs.

Ministers, political leaders, members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, from the Taliban and ethnic groups of Afghanistan, demand the formation of an inclusive government, participation in constructive dialogues.

They have also declared their readiness to fight the security threats caused by Afghanistan for the region, including matters related to maintaining the peace and stability of the southern borders of this organization, and they have said that they are in favor of strengthening security measures in parts of the borders of Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

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