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America: Kabul’s legitimacy depends on their behavior with women

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At the same time as the Afghan women and girls are restricted by the caretaker government of Kabul, the United States has announced that the legitimacy of the caretaker government of Kabul depends on their treatment of the girls and women of this country.

Vedant Patel, the deputy spokesperson of the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made these statements in a press conference on Thursday (June 22).

He said, “Until the Taliban do not grant half of their population (women) the same rights as the other half, they will not only cause Afghanistan to lag behind, but they will stand against their international legitimacy from the world community.”

These statements are made while the situation of Afghan women and girls has been seriously discussed in the meeting of the United Nations Security Council and the Human Rights Council of this organization.

The reports presented in the Human Rights Council focused on the violation of the fundamental rights of women and girls, which included banning them from work and education.

At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the caretaker government of Kabul, in response to the statements made in the United Nations Security Council, asked them not to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

In the press release of this ministry, it is stated that the caretaker government of Kabul is committed to those international norms and obligations that do not contradict the Islamic Sharia, culture and national interests of Afghanistan.

However, the head of UNAMA said in the meeting of the Security Council that was held yesterday that the Taliban wants to be recognized; But they imposed severe restrictions on women and girls that made the issue of recognition almost impossible.

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