Britain asked its citizens not to travel to Afghanistan due to security threats

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In its latest stance on Afghanistan, the British Foreign Ministry has asked its citizens not to travel to this country due to security threats.

According to BBC, the ministry has announced that the security situation in Afghanistan is still unstable and that security incidents are likely to occur during the days of Eid.

The British government has also stated that if British citizens travel to Afghanistan against the advice of this ministry, they will not be covered by insurance.

Regarding those who decide to travel or stay in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country added: “You should keep yourself anonymous, be vigilant, try to avoid attending any gatherings and public events, including religious ceremonies, and take appropriate precautions.” Consider.”

There is no British consular officer present in Afghanistan and the possibility of providing consular assistance to people in this country is “extremely limited”.

However, during the past two years, the security forces of the caretaker government of Kabul have taken appropriate measures during special days.

Eid al-Fitr was held successfully throughout Afghanistan without any security incident.

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