Human Rights Watch: 500 refugees died after the sinking of a ship carrying refugees in Greece

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Human Rights Watch has announced that more than 500 refugees and migrants have died after the sinking of a ship carrying refugees off the southern coast of Greece.

This organization announced on Tuesday (June 24) in a tweet that in this event, more than 100 refugees were rescued and 81 bodies were pulled out of the water.

According to this organization, despite the fact that the ship was clearly not in a condition to cross the sea and was overfilled and in distress, the border and coastal forces of the European Union and Greece did not intervene in a safe and timely manner.

The Human Rights Watch emphasized that the Greek Coast Guard had seen the ship hours before it overturned, but they did not act in time to save the refugees.

This organization asked the relevant governments, especially the European Union and Greece, to conduct an independent and impartial investigation into this incident in order to prevent the next disaster.

It should be noted that, late last week, a fishing boat carrying hundreds of asylum seekers capsized and sank off the southern coast of Greece.

The Afghan embassy in Rome, the capital of Italy, has announced that a number of Afghan citizens are among the victims of this incident, but their exact numbers have not yet been determined.

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