Indian National Security Advisor: Women’s Rights and Inclusive Government in Afghanistan Are Urgent Priorities for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Bayan News – Ajit Doval, the National Security Advisor of India, states that safeguarding women’s rights, minorities, and establishing an inclusive government are urgent priorities for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The Indian National Security Advisor, who spoke on Thursday (April 3rd) at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting, added that his country is concerned about the presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

In his remarks, he highlighted the cross-border attacks by terrorist groups, emphasizing that such attacks are unacceptable regardless of the group or motive behind them.

This senior Indian security official emphasized the need to avoid double standards and hold financial backers and facilitators of terrorism accountable, stating, “Effective and swift action must be taken against terrorists, including those involved in cross-border terrorism.”

Ajit Doval highlighted the importance of providing humanitarian assistance, combating terrorism, and countering drug trafficking as key areas of focus for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

He stated that India, as a neighboring country to Afghanistan, has legitimate security and economic interests with Kabul.

The senior Indian official also reiterated that his country has invested three billion dollars in Afghanistan and has provided 50,000 metric tons of wheat as aid.

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