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Leader of the Islamic Emirate: The negative effects of women not wearing hijab are ending

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In his Eid message, Molahbatullah Akhundzadah, the leader of the Islamic Emirate, added that the current system has taken important measures in the field of women’s reform and veiling in the shadow of Islamic Sharia.

The message of the leader of the Islamic Emirate, which was published today, Sunday (June 25), states: “The negative effects of not wearing the hijab and misguidance of women in the twenty years of occupation are ending.”

The leader of the Islamic Emirate also stressed that with the issuance of the six-article decree on women’s rights, their dignity as free and dignified human beings has been restored, and all departments have been obliged to help women in the fields of marriage, inheritance and other rights.

In Akhundzadah’s message, the implementation of Islamic Sharia in the country is also mentioned and it is noted that Sharia has been implemented in a practical way. We will watch.”

According to the leader of the Islamic Emirate, actions are taken in this department in accordance with Islamic principles to reform the society, taking into account the principles of moderation, expediency and compassion, thanks to which, with the passing of each day, reforms are coming in the society and the vices are ending.

Referring to the economic situation of Afghanistan, he added that all the predictions about the collapse of the country’s economy and the global crisis have been proven wrong and that the Islamic Emirate was able to prevent the collapse of the country’s economy.

The leader of the Islamic Emirate also noted that for the first time in the modern history of Afghanistan, this country has become economically self-sufficient and progress has been made in the fields of reconstruction, agriculture, irrigation, road construction, mining and other fields.

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