The government reduced the customs duty on coal

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The Ministry of Finance of the caretaker government of Kabul has announced that this ministry has reduced the customs duty of coal by 15 dollars per ton and its real price by 5 dollars.

The ministry added in a statement on Sunday (June 25) that this reduction was based on the order of Hebatullah Akhundzadah, the leader of the Islamic Emirate, and the decision of the Economic Commission.

In the announcement of the Ministry of Finance, the purpose of this work is “to grow the country’s exports and encourage more businessmen and investors”.

The ministry has said that it will review its decision with the increase in the price of coal in the world market.

This is despite the fact that about a year ago, the Taliban had increased the export price of one ton of coal from $90 to $200, and 30% of it was collected as tax.

Last year, the increase in the country’s coal exports to Pakistan and the increase in its price inside the country caused widespread criticism of the Taliban.

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