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Hanafi: Those who violate women’s rights will be brought to court

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Khaled Hanafi, Acting Minister of Public Affairs, referring to the provision of women’s rights in Afghanistan, said that no one should violate women’s Sharia rights.

On Monday (June 26), in a message to all provincial governors, he added that he should not allow anyone to take away or violate women’s rights.

According to Hanafi, the caretaker government prevents the loss of the Sharia rights of Afghan women.

The Acting Minister of Public Affairs has also warned that if someone does not pay the dowry of a woman, deprives her of her inheritance, or marries her against her will, that person will be presented to the court.

This is the first official of the cabinet of the caretaker government of Kabul, who emphasizes the provision of the rights of women in Afghanistan.

He raises this issue while women and girls are banned from education and training, and women are also banned from working in domestic and international offices.

The ban on girls’ education and the ban on women working in offices have brought international reactions in the last two years, and a number of countries have imposed sanctions against the caretaker government of Kabul.

Recently, US officials have announced in speeches that the recognition of the caretaker government in Kabul depends on their treatment of Afghan women and girls.

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