Qomi: Recommending the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan does not mean interference

Bayan News – Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran’s ambassador and special representative of the President, expressed on the sidelines of the Moscow Format meeting in Tehran that in order for Afghanistan to overcome the current crisis, it needs to form an inclusive government.

On Saturday (June 8), he said in a press conference: “If recommendations are made and certain matters are expressed out of goodwill, it does not mean interference. In the past, we had the Bonn experience in Afghanistan, but the Bonn Conference could not act in a way that created a path of stability, unity and empathy.”

The Islamic Republic’s diplomat further added: “If today the talk is that Afghanistan wants to think independently to get out of these crises that others have created, it must be able to form a government in the political sphere, made up of righteous individuals from different strata.”

Qomi, stating that the volume of crises and challenges in Afghanistan is heavy, noted that the Taliban needs to use the national capacities of this country and in addition, the good cooperation of the regional governments, and this is not interference, but a benevolent consultation.

The Moscow Format meeting was hosted by Tehran with the participation of special representatives from the countries of Iran, Pakistan, Russia and China.

The third meeting of the Contact Group for Afghanistan, without the participation of the Taliban, was held in Tehran

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