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UNAMA report: Civilian casualties have increased as a result of ISIS explosive attacks after the Taliban took over

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The Office of the Deputy United Nations in Kabul (UNAMA) has released a new report saying that despite the reduction in civilian casualties after the Islamic Emirate took over, IEDs are still a significant concern in Afghanistan, which is characterized by an increase in attacks on places of worship and against Shiites. Is.

This report, which was published today, Tuesday (27 june), states that out of 3,774 civilian deaths from August 15, 2021 to May 30, three quarters of them were caused by improvised explosive devices in densely populated areas, including places of worship and schools. and the markets have taken place.

The UNAMA report stated that the number of civilian casualties as a result of IED attacks carried out by ISIS increased significantly after the Taliban took over on August 15, 2021.

According to this report, suicide attacks carried out by ISIS and other actors are the main cause of damage to civilians related to IEDs.

Fiona Freezes, Director of UNAMA’s Human Rights Division, added in this report: “It is very important that the governing authorities conduct independent, impartial, prompt, comprehensive, effective, credible and transparent investigations into IED attacks that affect civilians. make, to adhere to their obligations to protect the right to life.”

He said that even before August 15, 2021, victims of armed wars and violence were struggling to access essential health, financial, and psycho-social support, but now due to funding cuts to vital services from donors, help to victims of violence It has become more difficult.

UNAMA statistics also show in this report that damage to civilians due to IED attacks in religious places has increased significantly compared to the period three years before the Taliban took over.

According to the statistics of this report, at least 95 people died and 250 others were injured as a result of attacks on schools and other educational centers on crowded roads and public transportation in Shiite areas.

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