Eliminating corruption ensured the system’s reliance on the domestic budget

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In a message on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, Sirajuddin Haqqani, acting head of the Ministry of Interior, says that in addition to improving the overall situation in the country, the system relies on internal revenues and this success has increased the ability of the people to advance the system relying on internal assets.

On Tuesday (June 27), the ministry issued a statement quoting Mr. Haqqani, saying that widespread corruption, which foreigners consider to be part of the culture of the Afghan people, has been dismantled and transparency has been established, which ensured the system’s reliance on the domestic budget.

Referring to the country’s security situation, Mr. Haqqani added that the security of the entire ruler, social justice is ensured, and the country’s territorial integrity and borders are defended.

According to him, the forces of the caretaker government of Kabul are equipped with firm belief, faith, modern ammunition and military equipment that can deal with all internal and external threats.

The Acting Minister of Interior said that the Islamic Emirate has ignored past pains for the sake of the people, and is opening its arms to the world for good interaction, and it is expected that this goodwill will be understood, because solving problems lies in good relations and good interaction.

This senior official of the Islamic Emirate makes these statements while the prohibitions against women and girls and the failure to form an inclusive government have caused the boycott of the current Kabul government.

At the same time, Marks Potzel, the Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General in Afghanistan, emphasized on creating a national discourse and forming an inclusive government in this country.

In a conversation with the Afghan media, he said that the Islamic Emirate must fulfill what it promised to the world.

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