Taliban’s Response to the Concerns of Commonwealth Countries: There are no Rogue Groups in Afghanistan

Bayan News – The interim Taliban government, in response to the concerns of Commonwealth countries, has stated that no country will be threatened from Afghan soil.

Recently, the security officials of the Commonwealth countries, during a meeting in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, expressed concern over the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan.

Senior Kyrgyz security officials clearly stated that the activities of terrorist groups in the northern provinces of Afghanistan have increased.

However, the spokesman for the interim Taliban government, by rejecting these concerns, added that there are no rogue groups in Afghanistan that could be considered a threat to the security of the countries in the region.

Mujahid, in an audio tape released on Monday (May 27) from Afghan National Radio and Television, says that there will be no threat from the soil of this country to other countries.

However, Mujahid did not explain what he means by “rogue groups,” but he assures the countries of establishing security and not misusing the soil of Afghanistan, while concerns about what is called the “regrouping” of terrorist groups in Afghanistan have increased.

The Taliban Ministry of Interior has confirmed the killing of a civilian in Badakhshan province

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