Reactions to the Meeting of the Regional Contact Group; Afghanistan is an Actor Today

Bayan News – The holding of the meeting of the Regional Contact Group hosted by the Islamic Republic in Tehran has elicited reactions.

This meeting, which was held on Saturday (June 8), was attended by the special representatives of the countries of Pakistan, Russia, China and Iran, but the Taliban, who were invited to the meeting, refrained from participating.

Hossan Kazemi Qomi, Iran’s special representative and ambassador for Afghanistan, added at this meeting that the recommendation of the regional countries for the formation of an inclusive government does not mean interference.

This meeting and the statements of the Iranian diplomatic official elicited a reaction from the Taliban’s caretaker government.

Zakir Jalali, the Taliban’s foreign ministry official, wrote on the X platform last night: “Afghanistan is no longer an issue. But without a doubt, like any other country, especially the countries of the region, it has issues that it is seeking solutions for.”

This Taliban foreign ministry official has stated that Afghanistan is an actor today and, like any other country, makes independent decisions based on its foreign policy assessments, calculations, and priorities.

On the other hand, Mohammad Reza Bahrami, Iran’s former ambassador to Kabul, in reaction to the Taliban’s non-participation in the Regional Contact Group meeting, added that this shows the nature of their (the Taliban’s) view on the manner and level of interaction with the region.

Bahrami wrote on the X platform: “Parties who believe in simplifying this interaction will continue to experience miscalculation.”

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