In a recent survey, the people of Afghanistan were named the “unhappiest” people in the world

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In a new survey published by the American research organization Gallup, it shows that the people of Afghanistan feel that they are the most miserable people in the world.

In this survey, the positive and negative feelings of 147,000 adults from 142 countries were collected during the year 2022, and among them, Afghanistan got the least positive score.

This poll, which was published on Wednesday (June 28), states that almost all the people of Afghanistan, or 98 percent of the people, have assessed their lives as poor, that they live with suffering and hardship.

According to this survey, during 2021, 94 percent of Afghans found their daily life unpleasant, and this figure has increased to 98 percent in 2022.

Gallup also stated in this survey that the percentage of those who described their life as good is at the lowest level.

The officials of the caretaker government of Kabul have not said anything about this report.

However, the officials of the Islamic Emirate have always rejected the findings of this research institution.

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