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Women Protesters: The World Should Take Practical Steps to Support Women Instead of Empty Slogans

Bayan News – A group of women and girls protesting in the Takhar province of northern Afghanistan are calling on the international community to take practical and effective steps to support women instead of empty slogans.

These protesting women, under the banner of “Takhar Women’s Movement,” held a protest rally on Monday, October 15, and issued a resolution.

Their resolution states: “Instead of slogans, countries of the world and human rights organizations should take serious, immediate, and practical actions to support women, prevent human rights violations, gender discrimination, and violence against women in Afghanistan.”

According to them, the United Nations and all countries should support an inclusive government based on the will of the people.

The caretaker Kabul government has issued about 50 decrees in the past two years to restrict Afghan women, and based on these decrees, women have been banned from working in offices, and girls have been prohibited from schools and universities.

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