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The female foreign ministers demanded the lifting of restrictions against Afghan women

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The female foreign ministers of six countries have asked the caretaker government in Kabul to lift restrictions on Afghan women and girls.

At the end of their two-day meeting held on Friday (July 30) in the capital of Mongolia, these ministers, in a joint statement, called for the real, complete, equal and safe participation of Afghan women and girls.

The statement said: “We ask the Taliban to immediately cancel the measures that prevent women and girls from enjoying their basic rights and freedoms, especially regarding their access to education and employment, freedom of movement and real and equal participation in public life.”

This statement was issued by the female foreign ministers of Germany, France, Indonesia, South Africa, Liechtenstein and Mongolia.

In their statement, they asked the international community to put the necessary pressure on the caretaker government of Kabul to stop these restrictions, according to the United Nations Charter.

Recently, the United Nations Security Council and the Human Rights Council of this organization strongly expressed their concern about the continued imposition of restrictions on Afghan women and girls.

After the domination of the Islamic Emirate, dozens of decrees have been issued restricting Afghan women and girls, and these decrees have prohibited women from working in offices and girls from education.

The caretaker government of Kabul says that the issues of girls’ education and women’s work in Afghanistan are internal issues and no country should interfere in it.

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