Thousands of police officers with Basij armored vehicles and one thousand people were arrested

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The fourth night of unrest in France after the death of Nahel, a 17-year-old teenager of Arab descent who was shot dead in a suburb of Paris, was accompanied by scattered clashes between protesters and security forces in some major cities of the country.

According to Euronews, according to the Ministry of France, around 1,000 protestors against police brutality were arrested during the riots on Friday and Saturday in different cities of this country.

The deployment of light armored vehicles in the capital and some big cities, as well as the mobilization of 45,000 police officers and gendarmerie forces, indicated strict security measures and a serious determination to curb the wave of protests.

Citing statistical information and reports received from police sources, the French news agency reported a relative decrease in the violence of protesters in the Ile de France region, where the French capital is also located.

However, according to local media reports, clashes between protesters and police officers continued on Friday night and during the early hours of Saturday morning in some major cities, including Lyon and Marseille.

At the same time as the protesters clashed with the police, some people in the middle of the unrest in the cities of Grenoble, Lyon, Marseille and Saint-Etienne looted large stores, especially clothing and telephone stores.

In Lyon, about twenty businesses were looted, and in Saint-Etienne, protesters smashed shop windows with rocks or metal objects and entered several clothing and jewelry stores.

The mayor of Marseille, France’s second largest city, on Friday night, in the face of intense violence and looting of shops, called for the immediate dispatch of reinforcements.

The violence has gripped French cities as the country hosts the Rugby World Cup this fall and Paris is due to host the 2024 Olympics next summer, complicating the imposition of a state of emergency due to restrictions imposed in the country. .

The wave of unrest and the intensity of clashes between protesters and police forces in France have also raised concerns in other European countries.

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