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UNESCO: The hope of Afghan girls and women is being destroyed

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At the same time as the restrictions against Afghan women and girls are being intensified by the caretaker government of Kabul, a number of international organizations are expressing concern about the loss of hope for the girls and women of this country.

The Scientific and Cultural Organization of the United Nations (UNESCO) criticized the ban on women’s hair salons in Afghanistan in a tweet on Wednesday (July 5).

This organization said: “The dreams and hopes of Afghan girls and women have been destroyed. “Their right to education has been taken away and this is unacceptable.”

According to this organization, the caretaker government of Kabul first banned girls above the sixth grade from going to school, then blocked universities, and lastly blocked women’s hair salons.

However, UNAMA also criticized the ban on women’s hair salons and said that this restriction will harm women and girls economically.

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